Causes of teenage pregnancy pdf

Abstract the study identified the cause and effect of teenage pregnancy among teenagers in kontagora local government area of niger state. Causes of teenage pregnancy teenage pregnancy is the harsh reality that many young adolescents are forced to deal with when they engage in sexual activity. Abstract adolescent pregnancy has oc curred throughout americas his tory. Poverty the cause of teenage pregnancy in thulamela municipality. Only in recent years has it been deemed an urgent crisis, as more young adolescent mothers give birth outside of marriage. Also learn about effects on fathers, prevention, and more. In recent decades adolescent pregnancy has become an important health issue in. Poverty among children is said to be extremely high and therefore government policies promote poverty alleviation by offering child support grants csg. The factors contributing to teenage pregnancy included. A pupil from chifubu who also did not want to be named also cited peer pressure, ignorance and lack of parental guidance as some of the causes of the high rate of teenage pregnancies in zambia. These young females have not yet reached adulthood and the causes of teenage pregnancy vary greatly. Teenage pregnancy refers to pregnancy occurs in young girls, mostly in the range of age to 17 yeas old. All these causes that bring about this menace can affect the teenage girl as outlined below. Lack of sex education is the most important but not the only cause of teenage pregnancy.

A teenage pregnancy can change the course of a young moms life. Unprotected sex is the cause for teenage pregnancy, but there are many reasons surrounding a teenage girls life that could contribute to an unplanned pregnancy. According to jackie, 2012 low selfesteem is among the causes of teenage pregnancy. With low levels of maturity and an underdeveloped understanding of responsibility, teens are ill prepared to deal with the consequences of their actions. Pdf causes and consequences of teenage pregnancy among. Following are some other teenage pregnancy causes that can not be ignored.

Causes and effects of teenage pregnancy sample essay. Pdf factors contributing to teenage pregnancies in a rural. The majority of south africans who live in the rural areas are poverty stricken as they are unemployed and mostly depend on grants. Factors responsible for teenage pregnancy and its implication on. Factors contributing to, and effects of, teenage pregnancy in juba. Adolescent girls who give birth each year have a much higher risk of dying from maternal causes compared to women in their 20s and. Discover how pregnancy affects the health of teen mothers and their babies.

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