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Worship duets released on 3 june 20 c integrity music. The home of graham kendrick, uk worship leader, christian songwriter and biblical teacher. Graham s 20 album is a unique and compelling project that goes further up and further in, drawing the worshipper in to songs of substance that enrich and inspire. Worship duets consists of 10 songs each written and recorded with another songwriter and worship leader. Including duets with matt redman, darlene zschech, martin smith and. If it was not for this love if it was not for the love of god if he had not loved me long before i knew him if not for love. If it was not for that name if it was not for the name i love if no one had told me if no one had had showed me about the name. Graham kendrick worship is a journey graham shares his thoughts on the aim of leading worship duration. An album on cowrites and duets with other worship leaders and songwriters. Come and see we worship at your feet by graham kendrick was. No song writer or worship leader is more deserving of, or as long overdue for. His most successful accomplishment is his authorship of the lyrics and music for the song.

Graham is widely considered to be a father of modern worship. Graham kendrick worship duets by graham kendrick, various. Graham kendrick shine jesus shine lyrics genius lyrics. Download on itunes youtube playlist stream on spotify. Martin smith youtube graham kendrick the servant king we give our lives feat. Published on jun 3, 20 taken from the album worship duets available on itunes. Taken from the album worship duets available on itunes subscribe to we.

Taken from the album worship duets available on itunes comgbalbumwor. That name by graham kendrick and darlene zschech was written especially for graham kendrick s worship duets album. And if youre looking for modern worship songs that carry with it a sense of. Graham kendrick born 2 august 1950 is a prolific english christian singer, songwriter and. That name featuring darlene zschech graham kendrick. We are here to praise you chords by graham kendrick.

Jesus, name i call on rock i stand on jesus, god and saviour king forever in my joy and. He has been one of my favourite worship song writers for over 10 years now and i go back to all my cds. To you o lord, a song by graham kendrick on spotify. Praise my soul the king of heaven chords, lyrics and. Darlene says my respect for graham is unparalleled. I can confidently say that the music and especially the lyrics, will not disappoint you. I listen to him at work on youtube, to help me through the. Including duets with matt redman, darlene zschech, martin smith and paul baloche. Graham kendrick praise my soul the king of heaven feat. We believe keyboard chords by graham kendrick worship chords. Worship duets by graham kendrick on amazon music amazon. From matt redman to reuben morgan, darlene zschech t.

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